About Us - Jacket River


We founded Jacket River primarily to meet a critical need in the mid to large cap private equity realm to drive value creation and capture. Our core tenet is that strong execution of solid strategy is the critical element of success to any organization.

At JR, we believe that the traditional consulting model is often flawed and does not always support the best interests of clients. We do not employ lifetime consultants and hire leaders that have led large organizations and owned a P&L.

Our team supports a service model of:

      • Leading from the front
      • Providing expert guidance
      • Influencing organizations to change

This model enables a single Jacket River team member to accomplish what a team of consultants in a traditional deployment can achieve, while building cost-effective, sustainable capability for long-term transformation for our clients. Our service model is flexible and can be tailored based on the need of each individual client.

It is no surprise that our client base is largely Private Equity owned companies due to the alignment of objectives and values with our firm. In addition to our professional services offerings, Jacket River Capital is a source of strategic capital for entrepreneurs and small to mid-cap companies. Jacket River provides flexible capital along with advisory services, strategic guidance and hands on implementation capabilities. We believe that for high-growth companies the key risk to success is quality of execution. Our expertise and network provides our investments with a distinct advantage in realizing true value.

We are always eager to serve new clients and explore investment opportunities. Please contact us, we would love to connect.