Chief of Staff Deployment Model

Augments management teams and accelerates Value Capture in portfolio companies.


  • Implementation and enforcement of board strategy by the management team is a common gap in portfolio companies

  • Management teams often anchor to prior ownership group’s values and agenda rather than adopting new conventions

  • Communication between sponsor and management team is often sparse (Board of Directors meetings 1x/quarter), leading to issues in strategy execution, and exacerbating existing issues with adoption of board agenda and values

The Jacket River Approach

  • A board-appointed Chief-of-Staff carries dual reporting mandate to both the board and the CEO, creating a powerful check-and-balance, embedded within the management team

  • Bridges key perceived risks of adopting a new value creation agenda

  • Serves as assurance for execution of board’s value creation agenda

  • Provides transparency and communicates urgency of decision making to management

  • Provides “healthy tension” as a catalyst for change adoption

Institutionalizing management processes have delivered improved stability and execution to an energy infrastructure company.

Jacket River resource was added to the management team as the Chief of Staff.

Their daily leadership has improved management execution while providing transparency to the board.

Deployment Model

The Jacket River appointed Chief of Staff led the value creation agenda from an internal position driving 56% annual EBITDA improvement.

Specific activities include:

  • Daily leadership coaching

  • Setting priorities monthly for the management

  • Execution and verification of performance management across the company


Jacket River has provided support to me that I didn't know I needed. [We are] a totally different company today."

- Company CEO

Consistently Delivering Rapid Organizational Change

For businesses in or approaching restructuring.


  • Companies requiring turnarounds or restructuring need fresh perspective and energy to function effectively

  • Resistance to change, complacency, and challenged culture make turnarounds difficult without external support

  • An experienced turnaround/restructuring team can inject much needed energy and re-vamp existing systems and processes required to encourage lasting operational improvement

The Jacket River Approach

  • Methodical approach to instill processes and procedures in companies that lack structure

  • Clear restructuring governance system to ensure successful transition and long-term value capture

  • Build a restructuring cadence that functions as the heartbeat of the company to facilitate high pace decision making

  • Our highest priority is managing risk, capturing value, and organizational design and we provide daily visibility to the Board and the restructuring steering team

Led cross-functional team through rapid deployment Kaizen roll-out driving 25% changeover time reduction with 18 lines impacted in a quarter

Established daily framework for decision setting and problem triage to gate optimal line capabilities

Created detailed project execution schedules and leveraged DDS to drive on-time execution and validation of mission-critical tasks improving service levels from mid-80% to >97%, eliminating all past-due backlog and facilitating opportunities for organic growth



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